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India fashion going E-commerce

India Fashion retailers are going e-commerce after the global pandemic is over.


Tina Tahiliani Parikh, executive director at Ensemble, said “will likely be the end of the queue when it comes to prioritisation once things open up”.

How Paris fashion coping with covid-19

Visit our newly opened shop and be part of an exclusive experience. Meet friendly faces and enjoy a glass of wine! Join us at the opening party!

A Hot & Cold Collection For Men Of All Ages

In the last two years we have been on a journey to refine our menswear collection.

Summer Is Coming And With It Our New Couture Collection

The first full summer collection created by our fashion house will be launched early next month. A luxurious style for our amazing shoppers.


Toyin Lawson the founder of African Things was a graduate of University of Nottingham, and she had an idea way back in 2013, when she noticed all the school kids around where carrying back packs with no African colours, whch was against everything african
Africa is kmow for its bright and vibrant colours that would take you into another world.
In 2015, She applied for grant anfd she received 4000 GB pounds, she now seels her frican design bags in 30 otlets all over africa and hopes to move the business into the mainstream.



The month of September welcomed the Black Fashion Xperience Paris 2019.


Mimi Palange a Ghanian Fashion Designer would headline the show in paris and bring her collection.


The collection called "Unfashion" aims to go against the norm giving the fashion underdogs the power.

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